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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: January 07, 2018, 07:03:31 PM »
Q: I’ve seen gameplay of NinjaTensei. Why do the graphics look outdated?
A: That version of the game was made before the NinjaTensei development team had any visual artists. It was just our two programmers, Ohm and Korseus, making temporary models.

Q: Why can’t I play the game?
A: We are testing the new features and making sure they are perfect before we release anything to the community.

Q: Why has this taken so long?
A: The code was entirely restarted on December 18th, due to Ohm going inactive. Now Korseus is coding NinjaTensei by himself.

Q: When can I play the game?
A: Soon™. The first release is planned to be Taijutsu, the demo village, and the other small social features. This update, despite my hatred of the word, should be out Soon™

Q: When will the full game come out?
A: Nobody knows. If NinjaTensei gains enough publicity during the next update, we may be able to switch some members to full time development.

Q: Can players become Kage?
A: Yes. We aim for the NinjaTensei world to be largely player based -- not influenced too much by non-player characters. The best players will be able to become the kage (or chancellor) of their village.

Q: Can I play as an Uchiha and get Sharingan?
A: No. There are no clans or villages from the anime. You're free to make your own Uchiha clan, however, it won't have Sharingan. See how Kekkei Genkai work below.

Q: Are there gonna be major/minor locations on the map once it's completed (full release) other than the five villages?
A: Yes, there will be several small villages dotting the map. Also, there is one major neutral city called Rakkusu that does not have a nature affinity (and a Chancellor instead of Kage.)

Q: Can I get all five natures in game or will I be limited to a few?
A: As of now, you can use any jutsu of any nature. In the future, our plan is to allow players to select one nature at the start of the game, and another nature once they master their first.

Q: If I start in one village do I have to choose that village’s primary nature to start with?
A: No -- the primary nature of a village is there to influence the overall design and atmosphere of a village. However, players who pick the same nature as their village will get the clone jutsu of that nature. EX: Water-Style users in Shotogakure will be able to unlock Water Clone Jutsu, while Water-Style users in Yamagakure will not.

Q: Is the game going to be perma-death?
A: As of now, the general consensus is no. Once a player is dead, they will be lootable for a short amount of time before respawning in their village’s hospital.

Q: What are your plans for Hidden Villages? Can I join the Hidden Leaf?
A: We will have our own unique villages -- this is a project inspired by Naruto and not directly based on it. Copying villages from Naruto means copyright issues. Villages:

Q: How do I join a village?
A: You can declare yourself to be part of any village. Once the full game is out, only new players will be able to join a village without consequences. Leaving your current village will make you a rogue to that village.

Q: If gang pull up are you gonna back your bredrin?
A: You shouldn't be screaming things

Q: Are there going to be NPCs roaming about to fight?
A: There will most likely be a bare-bones amount of NPCs. We don’t know much other than that. Feel free to suggest something.

Q: Will there be forbidden jutsu?
A: As of now, we have planned there to be one Kinjutsu (or forbidden jutsu) per nature. Players will only be able to unlock it by finding a scroll that teaches it somewhere throughout the world.

Q: How will clans work? (and Kekkei Genkai?)
A: A clan starts at level 1, with a 15 player limit. (In the demo, all clans will be able to have 50 members.) There will be 50 clan levels. Clans will choose an affinity to a nature, or no affinity, if they please.

Each player contributes 1% of their total gained experience to the clan's pooled experience. (Example: If a player gets 1 EXP from using fireball, they will contribute 1 EXP to the clan once they use 100 fireballs.) To level a clan from level 1 to level 2 might take 10,000 EXP. To level a clan from level 49 to level 50 might take around 1,000,000,000 EXP.

Clans get rewards at certain levels; every level rewards a +2 player limit increase. Level 10 will allow them to purchase clothes with the clan logo on it. Level 25 would allow the clan to purchase a clan hall for their members to lounge in, etc. Level 50 would assign the clan a random kekkei genkai. (From a pool of Kekkei Genkai related to the nature your clan picked.) However, to get the kekkei genkai, the individual members must have contributed at least a certain amount of experience to the clan, so people just don't join and immediately get a kekkei genkai. For example, you would be required to have contributed at least 250,000 EXP to the clan to receive the clan’s Kekkei Genkai.

Q: How will a taijutsu specialization work?
A: There are three ‘primaries,’ or fighting styles other than ninjutsu. These are Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, and Bukijutsu. (throwing weapons (kunai, shuriken, explosive tags, etc)) Players may rank up all primary skills to ‘S’ rank, however, they can only level one of them to ‘SS.’ (For SS level abilities of Taijutsu, think 8 Gates.)

Q: Will our stats be on the same level as everyone else? (Chakra, Health, Stamina)
A: No. Every time you rank something up (think Fireball Jutsu from D to C), you can put five points into either Health, Stamina, or Chakra. All three of those stats start at 100.

Q: Can this question go on the FAQ?
A: Yes.

Q: How will players rank up in game?
A: Players do not have an overall level, but rather, a skill level in each category. It is based on the D, C, B, A, S, SS ranking system. You start with a nature of your choosing, and one jutsu in said nature. Using a jutsu while tagged as 'in combat' grants 1 EXP. EXP Requirements:
D -> C : 100 EXP
C -> B : 500 EXP
B -> A : 2,000 EXP
A -> S : 5,000 EXP
S -> SS : 20,000 EXP
Each time you rank up a jutsu, it gets a little bit stronger. Getting a jutsu to B rank allows you to unlock the next jutsu. For each nature, we have planned for there to be eight jutsu per nature, plus one forbidden jutsu and the village-specific clone jutsu for a total of ten.  Getting all jutsu in your primary nature to A rank allows you to unlock a random second nature, and getting all jutsu in your primary nature to S allows you to progress three to SS rank. SS rank makes a jutsu significantly stronger, however, it is very difficult to unlock. If you have all of your jutsu at B rank, you are considered a B rank ninjutsu user. Other skills, like taijutsu and genjutsu work in a similar fashion, but their differences in play make the leveling a bit different.

Nothing is set in stone; things may change, so watch out for that.
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