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NinjaTensei Lore
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The Creation of Shinobi

   It was not long ago that the Father of Chakra, an unknown sage, began his humble teachings in the art of ninshu -- the use of chakra to link humans together spiritually. He travelled the countryside, teaching men and women alike the peaceful manipulation of chakra. However, as the teachings of ninshu became second and third handed, the pupils began to stray from the righteous path. Those without proximity to the Father of Chakra in their training did not feel the same obligation of peace as those that learned directly from him.
   Although his efforts were valiant and his intentions benevolent, the Fathers’ teachings spread quickly and were twisted even quicker -- especially when less reputable figures discovered alternative ways of handling chakra.
   Twenty-one years after his first lesson, the sage watched with sorrow in his eyes as the first person died to the world’s new way of combat -- ninjutsu. Overcome with guilt, despair, and anger, he vanished from society, earning him the moniker: “The Errant Sage”. Forty-five years after his disappearance, it is still rumored that he can be found traversing the backwoods paths and mountainous trails of Keihi.
   Several villages urbanized more rapidly, gathering ‘chakra warriors,’ or shinobi, as they would come to be called, quicker than others. Six of these villages have risen above the rest, partially due to the natural defenses they enjoy, as well as their large reserves of shinobi.

Emergence of the Hidden Villages and their Kage

   The rule by elders, while adequate in villages of lesser populations and few or no shinobi, has recently been replaced by the rule of Kage; the strongest and brightest shinobi of a village. Together with the Chancellor of the neutral village Rakkusu, these Kage are the leaders of the most prominent nations.
   The Kage are absolute in their power over the village, however, they are first in line to defend the village in times of war and danger.

Arechigakure (Hidden Wasteland) - Netsukage
Kagengakure (Hidden Plateau) - Horakage
Sakyugakure (Hidden Dunes) - Arashikage
Shotogakure (Hidden Archipelago) - Shimakage
Yamagakure (Hidden Mountain) - Ukikage
Village of Rakkusu - Chancellor

Progenitor's Chakra

   The Errant Sage’s chakra, despite being the same chakra bestowed upon his pupils, remains considerably more powerful than any other shinobi’s chakra. It is theorized that because it is his chakra by origin, it matches only his body perfectly; thus making his usage of chakra much stronger than anyone else’s.
   Besides its red color, there are several properties of the Progenitor’s Chakra that makes its wielder a fearsome foe: along with the fact that usage of jutsu consumes less chakra, it contains an affinity to all natures, allowing users access to all nature transformations; and when released into the optic nerve, the Progenitor’s Chakra activates the dojutsu of the Ōkusahata Clan.
   The Progenitor’s Chakra is considered a Kekkei Mora, the precursor to the category of jutsu passed down through a bloodline, known as Kekkei Genkai.

Ōkusahata Clan

   Despite The Errant Sage’s lack of faith in humanity due to their mishandling of his teachings, he did not leave the world without a trace; his children, who have inherited his exceptional chakra, make up the powerful Ōkusahata Clan. Being the blood relatives of The Errant Sage, members of this clan lay claim to the powerful Kekkei Mora known as the Progenitor’s Chakra.
   Even the Ōkusahata have ignored their father’s teachings, becoming shinobi of the highest caliber. With less than a dozen members, the clan’s agenda is unknown and most of the members act of their own volition.

An unnamed Ōkusahata.
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